Vintage Bear with Teddy Bear Candle

Latent Hart

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Product Overview

Vintage Bear Holding Teddy Bear Candle. Stands 5" in height. Very good condition, never burned.

Add a touch of vintage charm and heartwarming nostalgia to your home with this adorable vintage bear candle holding a smaller teddy bear friend! Standing approximately 5 inches tall, this delightful candle features:

    • Charming Design: A larger bear lovingly embraces a smaller teddy bear, evoking feelings of comfort, friendship, and childhood memories.
    • Unburned Condition: This candle has never been lit, allowing you to enjoy its full design and fragrance potential.
    • Very Good Condition: Despite being vintage (over 20 years old), the candle remains in very good condition with minimal signs of age or wear (possible minor imperfections due to vintage nature).

More Than Just a Candle:

    • Nostalgic Decor: This vintage bear candle adds a charming touch to any home décor, especially for those who appreciate childhood memories and vintage treasures.
    • Unique Gift: Surprise a loved one with a one-of-a-kind and sentimental gift that evokes warmth and brings back cherished memories.
    • Collectible Treasure: Vintage candles, especially those in unused condition, are sought-after by collectors, making this a valuable addition to any collection.
    • Gift for Bear Lovers: Delight any bear enthusiast with this adorable and unique candle featuring their favorite animal.

Perfect for:

    • Vintage décor enthusiasts and collectors of unique candles.
    • Anyone who appreciates heartwarming and nostalgic items.
    • Gift-giving for birthdays, holidays, or simply to show someone you care.
    • Bear lovers and collectors of bear-themed memorabilia.

Embrace the warmth and charm of this vintage bear candle! Whether you're adding to your collection, seeking a unique gift, or simply searching for a nostalgic touch, this adorable candle is sure to melt your heart.