Copper Wire Wrapped Carved Moonstone Pendant

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Product Overview

Handmade copper wire wrapped pendant featuring a carved rainbow moonstone cabochon. The wire has been antiqued and polished. The size is about 1.75" in height by 1" width. This item was handmade. Does not come with a chain.

This piece showcases a captivating carved rainbow moonstone cabochon, wrapped in antiqued and polished copper wire. The intricate wirework dances around the stone, highlighting its mesmerizing play of colors. Measuring approximately 1.75 inches in height and 1 inch in width, this pendant is the perfect size for everyday wear or adding a touch of magic to a special occasion outfit.

This handmade carved rainbow moonstone pendant is perfect for:

  • Anyone who loves moonstone's luminous beauty and lore
  • Fans of unique and handcrafted jewelry
  • Gift-giving for someone who appreciates bohemian style (birthdays, holidays, etc.)

Because the pendant is sold without a chain, you can personalize your look! Choose a delicate chain for a touch of elegance, a black cord for a dramatic effect, or a colorful thread to match the moonstone's iridescence.

Let the moonstone's magic illuminate your style with this captivating handmade pendant!