1994 Cast Art Dreamsicle Angel Laying Down Figurine

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1994 Cast Art Dreamsicle Angel Laying Down Figurine. Measures 2 1/2" in height by 5" length. Very good condition.

Bring a touch of angelic sweetness to your home with this charming 1994 Dreamsicles sleeping angel figurine! Measuring approximately 2 ½ inches tall and 5 inches long, this adorable figurine features a serene angel nestled in a sleeping pose. Handcrafted by Cast Art Industries in 1994, it's a perfect addition to a child's room, a nursery, or a cherished piece for any collector.

A touch of vintage tranquility from Dreamsicles (made in 1994):

  • 1994 Cast Art Dreamsicles: This figurine is a delightful piece from the beloved Dreamsicles collection by Cast Art Industries, known for their heartwarming designs.
  • Sleeping Angel Figurine: The figurine depicts a sweet angel in a peaceful sleeping pose, offering a sense of serenity and calm.
  • Very Good Condition (Vintage): This 1994 Dreamsicles figurine is assessed to be in very good condition, despite being vintage. There may be some minor signs of age or wear, but overall it appears well-maintained.

This 1994 Dreamsicles sleeping angel figurine is perfect for:

  • Collectors of Dreamsicles figurines and angel figurines
  • Parents seeking a calming and angelic addition to a child's room or nursery
  • Those who appreciate handcrafted vintage pieces

Bring a touch of sweetness and peaceful dreams to your home with this delightful 1994 Dreamsicles sleeping angel figurine! It makes a thoughtful gift for a new parent, a child, or a cherished addition to your own collection!