1947 Jim Dandy Fat Man in a Famine by William Saroyan

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1947 Jim Dandy Fat Man in a Famine by William Saroyan. Measures 7 1/2" by 5 1/4". 128 pages. Good condition, pages are yellowing and missing dust cover.

Step back in time and experience the timeless humor of William Saroyan's beloved play, "Jim Dandy, Fat Man in a Famine," in this rare 1947 edition! Measuring 7 1/2" by 5 1/4" with 128 pages, this vintage gem shows its age with yellowing pages and the absence of a dust cover, adding to its unique charm and historical significance. Despite these minor imperfections, the book remains in good condition, ready to captivate readers with its witty dialogue and poignant themes.

Open the pages and discover:

    • A timeless satire: Explore Saroyan's signature blend of humor and social commentary, as relevant today as it was in 1947.
    • A unique historical piece: Own a piece of literary history with this first edition from a celebrated American playwright.
    • Engaging characters and captivating story: Immerse yourself in the world of Jim Dandy, a larger-than-life character struggling to find his place in a world grappling with scarcity.
    • A collector's item: This rare first edition is a must-have for Saroyan enthusiasts and collectors of vintage literature.

The perfect gift for:

    • Literature lovers: Anyone who appreciates classic American literature will cherish this unique piece.
    • Theater buffs and drama students: Gain insight into the work of a renowned playwright and explore the power of satire.
    • Collectors of vintage books: This first edition will be a prized addition to any collection.
    • Anyone seeking a thought-provoking and humorous read: Saroyan's wit and social commentary resonate across generations.

Embrace the timeless humor and historical significance of this 1947 edition of "Jim Dandy, Fat Man in a Famine"! Despite its minor age-related characteristics, this book offers a captivating reading experience and a valuable piece of literary history.