Small Snowman Nightlight Lamp: Glowing Holiday Cheer

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Product Overview

Small Snowman Nightlight Lamp. Small Snowman Lamp. Measures 5 1/2" in height by 3 3/4". Comes with the light cord. Has on cord on/off switch. Excellent condition.

Bring a touch of wintery charm to your home with this adorable vintage snowman nightlight lamp! Measuring 5.5" tall by 3.3/4" wide, this delightful snowman features a classic design with a bulb (not included) that casts a warm, inviting glow. The lamp comes complete with its original cord and a convenient on/off switch located directly on the cord for easy operation.

This charming snowman lamp is in excellent condition, despite being over 20 years old. While it may show some minor signs of age or wear, it's perfectly functional and ready to add a touch of vintage magic to your space.

Perfect for:

  • Children's rooms: Provide a soft, comforting light for bedtime or create a whimsical winter wonderland atmosphere.
  • Holiday decor: Add a festive touch to your holiday decorations or use it as a unique stocking stuffer.
  • Nostalgic gift: Delight someone who appreciates vintage charm or has fond memories of snowmen from their childhood.
  • Year-round accent: This snowman lamp is not just for the holidays! Its timeless design makes it a year-round addition to any room.